Netflix Upcoming Web Series Money Heist Berlin or Season 6 Review Casting release Date

Web Series Money Heist Berlin
Web Series Money Heist Berlin

After a long time now ending of our exception for Money Heist Berlin Web Series. finally Money Heist Berlin Series release date has been announced. Money Heist fans have to take long breath to watch the season because when we saw the Money Heist Season one to five we forgot to take breath for his thrill suspense and story. We hope this season of Money Heist Berlin Series will give us same feeling. The Trailer of Berlin has already been Released and it is really enjoyable and we are so excited for the full season

The upcoming Web Series Money Heist Berlin Review:

The upcoming Web Series Money Heist Berlin yet to come. As showing in the trailer we will get a complected heist in the Season. The trailer showing Berlin has a detail plan for a ambitious heist in auction house of Paris. We have seen the character Berlin died in the Money Heist Second Season but third, Forth and Fifth Season has came out with the Berlin’s short memoirs because of the popularity of character. The money heist fans wanted to see the Berlin character once again So the series coming with fully Berlin character. The writer “Alex Pina” revealed the Web Series Money Heist Berlin will be fully suspense, thriller, crime, tension, travel, comedy, Romance

The Upcoming Web Series Money Heist Berlin Cast:

As we early say that the season will be full of Berlin’s Story so we will get Pedro Alonso as Berlin also come with the some old faces, those are Itziar Ituno known as Raquel Murillo and Nazwa Nimri known as Alicea Sierra as we already seen in Money Heist another Season. Some new faces will come out those are.

Name of ActorRoll Played
Pedro AlonsoBerlin
Itziar ItunoRaquel Murillo
Nazwa NimriAlicea Sierra
Begona VargasCameron
Michelle JennerKeila
Julio PenaRoi
Tristan UlloaDamian
Julien Paschal Polignac
Joel SanchezBruce
Martin AslanAlain
Yuri D. BrownBertrand
Miguel Tarifa Segundo
Raphael DesprezLeroy
Miko Jarry Olivier
Marcel GonzalezJean
Laura RoqueEnfermera
Matthieu BrionJefe Geos

Web Series Money Heist Berlin Released Date:

The Netflix upcoming Web Series Money Heist Berlin has announced Release Date. We are happy to inform you the the Upcoming Season of the Web Series Money Heist Berlin releasing on 29 December 2023 on Netflix OTT Platform. The Trailer of this Series has already been Released.

Hindi Trailer of Money Heist Berlin

Has Money Heist ended or Not:

The Best crime thriller I have seen is Money Heist. Most of the people liked the Web Series. the Series Money Heist started in 2017 with the first Season and the end with the fifth season volume 2 or part 2 in 2021. We the fans of the web Series Money Heist has no excitement for ending of this series.We got a impressive ending from Money heist.

A series generally raised with based on same stories or continuing story. The New upcoming Money Heist Berlin is coming with totally another stories. Because in the Money Heist Second season Berlin has been died. so this series coming with Past Berlin’s activities of Money Heist but new story for fans.

Is Money Heist worth watching?

If you fan of web Series, if you spent your time on Web Series, if you love to see Crime Drama Action thriller the the the series is better one for you. You will love it, you will be drowned of its story line, Acting of its characters , story telling.

Most loved character in Money Heist.

The New season Money Berlin yet to come. Money Heist Season One to Five has already been release in those season it is very complicated to revealed a name for Most Loved Character in those seasons of Money Heist. All of the character are quite good. But some names in our mind we never forgot those are Álvaro Antonio García Pérez, professionally Known as Alvaro Morte Played the roll in the series “Professor”, Úrsula Corberó Delgado as Tokio, Itziar Ituño Martínez as Raquel Murillo. though when you think about Money Heist always comes with professor but if you Want to know Most lovable then go for Miguel Herran played as Rio.

Smarter in Money Heist

Alaro Antonio Garcia Perez as Alvaro More Played the roll of Professor

If you want to Know the Smarter in Money Heist series then you must go for “Professor” played by Álvaro Antonio García Pérez, professionally Known as Alvaro Morte. The writer Alex Pina made the character of Professor with full Concentration. Who managed the team Very Well.

Money heist Berlin how many episodes

8 episodes

Money heist Berlin real name

Pedro Alonso played the roll of Berlin

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