Aarya Season 3 Review, Casting, Rating

Aariya Season 3

The web series Aarya Season 3 released from the Desney + Hotstar on 3rd November’2023. The web series Aarya Season 1 has been released on 19 June 2020 and Second Season released on 10th December 2021. Aarya Season 3 Jointly directed by Ram Madhvani, Vinod Rawat and Kapil Sharma the story written by Sanyuktha Chawla Sheikh and Anu Singh Choudhary although not only Aarya Season 3 Season one and Season Two also written by those two Writers.

Cast in Aarya Season 3

All the characters has been Cast in Aarya Season 3 are also common in Aarya Season 1 and Aarya Season 2

Sushmita SenAarya Sareen
Viren VaziraniVeer Sareen
Aarushi BajajArundhati also Aru Sareen
Pratyaksh PanwarAditya also Adi Sareen
Sohaila KapurRajeswari Sing Rathore
Sugandha GargHina Khan
Sikandar KherDoulat
Vishwajeet Pradhan Sampat
Vikas KumarACP Younus Khan
Illa Arun Nalini Sahiba
Indranail Sengupta Sooraj Raizada

In Aarya season 3 Aarya Sareen transform to a don. We have seen in the previous season she had shoot her Biological father and got threat from Indranail Sengupta as Sooraj Raizada (Disclosed in Aarya Season 3).

Review of Aarya Season 3

Aariya season 3 Jointly directed by Ram Madhvani, Vinod Rawat and Kapil Sharma. after watching Aarya Season 3 it has found that the total series based on Drama, Money, Suspense, Thriller. The main character Aarya Sareen live the life in a unpleasant situation and continuous stress struggle of underworld. She did not want to leave the under world because her family depend on her business and she may destroy if leave the business. So in all four episode you must see always sinking of Aarya’s.

The main story is continuous is Aarya season 1 and Season 2. In the first season Aaryas husband was killed by his father’s hit man it disclosed by 1st season now the main character Aarya Sareen alone caring her children as well as her family. all the problem solving her won way. in this season some family matter grown up like her child Veer (Viren Vazirani) and Roop who is the business wings of Aarya Sareen having an affair. Arundhuti became a poet and some problem arise with the youngest son in the school.

The season grown with the ferocious killing, getting power and creating alliances. Aarya wanted to control all over the business and expand. She mate with Russian Mafia and changes strategies. Musics, poetry uses very wisely which made the season another level. Aarya season 3 has given special attention of women empowerment, crime and drama which is clarifying Aarya Sareen’s charater . All artist are Indraneil Sengupta, Vishwajeet Pradhan, Illa Arun, Vikas Kumar, Maya Sarao quite good.

Aarya Season 3 has two parts 1st Part of them has released by 3 November’2023. screen play time for Ep-1 duration 46 (forty Six) minutes, Ep-2 37 (Thirty Seven) Minutes, Ep-3 duration 36 (thirty Six) minutes, Ep- 4 duration (thirty Nine) Minute. The main character Aariya might be more stronger to fight back. the ACP khan is dominate to Aariya sareen in all over the season. We are habituate to see use of the power but this season 1st part is not that, Aarya belong from a Mafia family and in this season she became a Mafia who wanted to more powerful but there is not create an example which has shown to use her power. Though it has shown Aariya negotiate with the Russian but she is failed to stop ACP Khan not even she took any action against ACP more over the Aarya’s character very weak (my opinion) in First four episode in Aarya Season 3. So the aggressive look of Aarya Sareen not found in the part one what we have seen in trailer but we are waiting for part-II where may fulfill our expectation.

Rating of Aarya Season 3

After watching four episodes of Aarya Season 3 we rate this season 5 out of 10. But this is my personal opinion and view.

IMDB: 7.8/10

Bong Biography – 5/10

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